Statewide Initiatives:

We are WV: The goal of this statewide campaign is to build capacity for positive community change by connecting the people of West Virginia based on their common values toward caring, health, and safety. Some people in West Virginia believe that underage drinking and the misuse of prescriptions among youth are the “norms,” when in fact, they are not. It is time to reconnect with who we really are: a proud, hardworking, and resilient state.

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Local Initiatives:

The Potomac Highlands Guild:  Is the regional agency providing intensive outpatient treatment for substance use disorder. With offices in Petersburg, Moorefield, Romney, Franklin and Keyser, the PHG provides counseling (individual and group) for people with addiction and substance use disorders. They facilitate placement into detox and inpatient rehabilitation programs, and long-term treatment facilities. They are on-call 24-7, 365 days a year to respond to the ER for any crisis related to substance use disorders. They run the regional DUI education and treatment program for the DMV. They have an after-hours crisis line always available for help with issues related to substance use disorders if someone needs help.

(304) 257-1155

Additionally, the Potomac Highlands guild provides mental health counseling and treatment for people with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and PTSD.  Many of these conditions are the root cause for people using drugs and alcohol to begin with.  Addressing these concerns can help people get better from these conditions without using drugs and alcohol to self- medicate. 

The Russ Hedrick Recovery Resource Center: is the nucleus for recovery activities in our area.  The coordinator for the center is Wade Rohrbaugh, and he, along with 5 other Certified Peer Recovery Coaches (4 men and 2 women) are available to help individuals with Peer-Recovery coaching, and to help individuals navigate the difficult pathway into a new life in recovery.  The center facilitates 12- step recovery meetings almost every day, and serves as a Drop-In Center for people with substance use disorders to get help, get into recovery, and find the resources they need to get back on track as gainfully employed, tax paying citizens.  Peer-Recovery coaches are on-call 24 hours a day seven days a week to answer questions and to assist people with addiction get into treatment and recovery.  They also serve as a resource for parents, children, and loved ones for those suffering from addiction.   Since July of 2016, more than 2800 people have used the services of The Russ Hedrick Recovery Resource Center.

(304) 257-5200

The center also provides naloxone training for opioid overdose reversal to the general public and to first responders through the WV Office of EMS. Over 200 people have been trained in naloxone administration through the center.

Peer-Recovery Coaches from the center also respond to the ER for people who have survived an overdose and want help to get off drugs.

The Grant/Hardy Recovery Group: is the driving force behind the recovery movement in this area. They conduct 56 recovery meetings a month in Petersburg, Moorefield, and Franklin. Meetings include Narcotics Anonymous, Nar-Anon, Smart Recovery, and Dual-Recovery Anonymous.

The group is serious about recovery, but not too serious about living a flourishing life in recovery. They put on fun events for people in recovery such as the annual Halloween Dance, the Sober Thanksgiving Feast, The Recovery Christmas Party, and the Sober New Year’s Eve Dance. Members of the group are like a large dysfunctional family, where love abounds, healing happens, and newcomers are always welcomed.

Need info about the group: call Wade at 304-668-8060, Roger at 304-668-5157, Eddie at 304-257-5709, Bob at 304-261-8227, or Raj at 304-257-5200.

The Potomac Highlands Guild Prevention Program: is actively involved in providing prevention education, training and awareness on substance use disorders, teen smoking, alcohol use and learning to live healthy, productive, flourishing lives without the use of drugs or alcohol.  They’re engaged with our youth through the school system, through youth organizations, and through our faith based communities. Innovative programs utilized by the Prevention Team include “Too Good for Drugs”, which is an evidenced-based scientifically studied program designed to engage youth in a positive way to prevent drug use to begin with. Additionally, the Prevention Team is involved in organizing youth empowerment groups such as SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions). Prevention is the key to steering our youth in the right direction. Learning positive tools at a young age is critical in preventing drug and alcohol use.

The Potomac Highlands Guild Anti-Stigma Program: 23 million Americans have substance use disorders, yet less than 10% of them receive treatment for this. One of the biggest barriers to treatment is stigma. This program seeks to reduce stigma by educating the public about the disease model of addiction, educating healthcare providers and the public about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and demonstrating success stories of people in recovery. The program conducts presentations and community forums to educate, and raise awareness that “Addiction is a brain disease, treatment works, and people can and do recover”. (304) 668-6329.

The Potomac Highlands Guild SPF-Rx Program: this program is funded by the West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities.  The main goal of this program is to make sure that health- care providers such as doctors, dentists, podiatrists, PAs, and Nurse Practitioners are registered with the WV State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), and to ensure that they are using it correctly to prevent prescription drugs from being diverted to the black market through doctor-shopping and pharmacy hopping. This program educates prescribers on how drug diversion happens and how to prevent it. Additionally, CDC research shows that 54% of people who misuse prescription drugs get them from other people like friends or family. The SPF-Rx message is “Don’t Share your Prescription Medications” “Sharing Prescription Medications is Dangerous and can cause Harm”. Dispose of any prescription medications that are left over.

(304) 668-6329

Celebrate Recovery: Held at the First Baptist Church of Petersburg every Thursday night at 6:30 PM, Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a safe place to heal from any hurt, habit, or hang-up.

CR is a national and international Christ-centered 8 Principle and 12-Step recovery program.

For information call (304) 851-6988.

Eastern Family Resource Network: The Eastern Regional Family Resource Network is a group of community stakeholders, and other community members who work together to support children and families in achieving healthy and productive lives in Grant, Hampshire, Hardy, and Pendleton Counties in West Virginia. Through the OnTrack substance abuse coalition, the EFRN is the facilitator for PITAR.

The Petersburg Police Department: In an on- going effort to help stem the tide of illegal drug use and drug trafficking, the Petersburg Police Department continues to provide enforcement in these areas through vigilance and increased patrol in our community. Active participation & cooperation of citizens in our community by reporting illegal drug activity has been very effective and vital to recent drug interdictions and arrests.

(304) 257-1100 or 911

The Grant County Health Department: The Health Department is actively engaged in preventing disease and death due to substance use disorder. In addition to providing drug education, they also provide screening and testing for important infectious diseases which go hand in hand with addiction such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV. They are in the process of implementing a Harm Reduction Program which will make a major difference in reducing the diseases and conditions which can occur due to drug misuse.  

(304) 257-4922

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