The Road to Rehab and Recovery – Learn about the current and local community initiatives combating addiction and substance abuse here.


  1. Increase prevention efforts in the Grant County Schools and among our youth with targeted initiatives for prescription drug abuse prevention, heroin abuse prevention, and methamphetamine abuse prevention, in addition to alcohol and tobacco abuse prevention efforts already in place.
  2. Enhance law enforcement efforts to reduce the sales and distribution of legal and illegal drugs in our county
  3. Greater efforts to divert people with a history of criminal substance abuse into the day report system and drug courts.
  4. Increase the number of people with substance abuse use disorder entering treatment
  5. Enhance the availability of current substance abuse use treatment programs and providers
  6. Promote anti-stigma activities through education on the disease model of addiction and a greater acceptance of medication assisted treatment (MAT) through the use of medication such as Vivitrol.
  7. Promote the training of providers in the use of naloxone and increase access to naloxone for community use.
  8. Develop a syringe exchange program in Grant County
  9. Enhanced support for their recovery community in Grant County with increased access to meetings and funding for potential recovery initiatives
  10. Increased community awareness of the problem of substance abuse disorder in our community through data-driven public service announcements, community round-table discussions and building on existing substance abuse coalitions.
 Agencies involved in this include The Potomac Highlands Guild, DHHR, The Russ Hedrick Recovery Resource Center, Celebrate Recovery, The Grant County Commission, the Grant County Board of Education, the Grant County Health Department, WQWV/WELD, The PHG Anti-Stigma Program, The PHG Prevention Program, the Ministerial Association, The Eastern Family Resource Network, Petersburg Police Department, Grant County Sheriff’s Department, the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Grant County Probation, US Probation Office for the Northern District of West Virginia, Hampshire County Pathways, Berkeley County Community Recovery Resource Center, the Grant County Press, and many concerned and passionate citizens of Grant County.
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